Users' Rights

Users may request verification of how their personal data is collected, used, provided, and destroyed through Flysher's Privacy Policy at any time. Furthermore, users may request the rectification, erasure, or limitation of their personal data provided by Flysher directly or through the platform provider, and Flysher shall endeavor to grant this request without delay unless the data must be maintained for legitimate business or legal purposes. Moreover, so long as the user's request does not require undue effort, Flysher shall grant the request for free and may request verification of the user's identity prior to updating or executing the request.

Flysher has no authority to process data provided by users to platform providers (Facebook, Google). Therefore, if data provided to platform providers must be processed, Flysher shall inform that user that it has no authority for such and that the user may request this right from the platform provider as below.

Right of access

Flysher collects user data as follows. Click here for more information.

  • Facebook account users: Facebook account, nickname, profile, and friend information

  • Device information, log information, and purchase information is collected during service use. Click here for more information

  • Click here to check record of service use

  • Flysher cannot identify anyone using the service via a guest account. Therefore, should guest account users fail to provide additional identifying information, Flysher may be unable to accede to some requests in below to guest account users.

Right to rectification

Use the following links to request rectification of user data.

Right to erasure

Request erasure of user data as follows.

  • Should a user delete his/her Facebook, or Google account or request erasure of data collected during service use such as usage time, record of use, and record of item use, all items, levels, etc. will be deleted and the service may no longer be used.

  • Users who wish to delete their records of service use may do so in "Game Settings" ⇒ "Delete Account".

Right to restriction of processing or right to object

Use the following methods to request limitation or object to processing of user data.

  • Facebook, Google account users: disable single sign-on (SSO) in Game Settings and then reset the scope of app data shared with platform providers (Facebook, Google). Reset which data is shared as follows. Disable SSO in "Game Settings" ⇒ "Disconnect".

  • Facebook, Google account users: disable single sign-on (SSO).

  • Should a user request limitation or object to processing of collected device information, log information, and item purchase information while using the service, Flysher will be unable to provide the service or enable its use and the user will be unable to use the service during the period of limitation. Click here to request limitation of user data processing or object to user data processing completely

Right to Automated individual decision-making (including profiling)

Flysher does not use an automated profiling system for user data to analyze or predict preferences or interests. Users who do not wish to receive Push notifications may disable them in "Game Settings" ⇒ "Notifications-off".

Right to data portability

Should a user request transfer of his/her own personal data, Flysher shall provide the following user-requested data to the user or, if technically possible, to the requested controller without undue delay in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format. However, if this transfer is expected to take more than 1 month due to multiple or complicated requests for information, Flysher shall, within that 1 month, notify the user of the reason for the delay and delay time (up to 2 months) before providing the information. Should Flysher fail to provide the requested data within the relevant time, the applicant may request judicial assistance from a supervisory body.

The user may request transfer of the following data.

  • Transfer of Facebook, or Google account data must be requested from Facebook, or Google respectively.

  • Click here to request transfer of device, log, or item purchase information collected by Flysher while using the service.

  • Requests for transfer of in-app purchase records must be directed to Apple or Google.

Notification of a personal data breach

Should Flysher become aware of a serious threat to user rights or freedom due to breach of users' personal data or the possibility of such, it shall notify the user of the breach without undue delay while specifying the following information and then notify a supervisory body of the breach within 3 days (72 hours).

  • Personal data protection officer with name and contact information

  • Potential results of the data breach

  • Explanation of actions to take to alleviate negative effects due to the data breach

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